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Welcome to John Sitaras Fitness

Sitaras Fitness is a state-of-the-art private gym, where John Sitaras and his rigorous, results-focused methodology have attracted an exclusive, high-powered membership.

John Sitaras Method

Taking an analytical approach to personal health, the Sitaras Method ensures maximum results by custom tailoring a unique workout regimen for each individual. After setting a starting point for fitness goals, a series of assessments are made regarding such factors as muscle strength, endurance, and body fat composition. With these results, a workout plan is created to take advantage of personal strengths and improve on any potential shortcomings. The result: a plan built for you that is guaranteed to make any and every goal attainable.

Exclusive Personal Trainer Gym

Sitaras Fitness' luxury personal training gym offers state of the art facilities along with a crew of personal trainers dedicated to your health and fitness. Our exclusive gym members strive towards their goals in a pristine, top quality environment which caters to every workout need. By combining the Sitaras Method with our full range of equipment, peak physical fitness and perfect well-being are measured in weeks, not years.