"My appreciation of John Sitaras comes from hours and hours and hours of one on one training with him. I speak only of my direct experience with him and its benefit to me. He has changed my physical health and my appreciation of fitness and how to achieve it. John has put together the leadership, team, equipment, commitment and knowledge that makes him and his program for me the best. He describes the human body and how to develop it to its maximum. Beyond the professional knowledge of my physical development is his ability to tailor it to my personal qualities and schedule so that the pace is appropriate. If I want to go too fast, he has the experience to explain the risks. If I needed to know why one exercise was necessary and productive, he has the patience and understanding to explain. If I was rationalizing how many other important things I had to do, he had the insight to remind me of the importance of my physical well being to every thing else I do. And finally for me there is this: his passion and care for what he does and how he does it."

- CHARLIE ROSE, American Television Talk Show Host and Journalist