Stands Alone as The Best Personal Training Gym in NYC


‘He’s sort of a doctor of fitness,’ says Jack Welch, the corporate legend who headed General Electric from 1981 to 2001. When Mr. Welch suffered a bacterial staph infection in 2009, he was holed up in the hospital for more than three months and had difficulty walking when he returned home to recover. He turned to Mr. Sitaras to help him get back on his feet.‘A lot of my legs and arms had atrophied — it was pretty ugly,’ Mr. Welch says. ‘John really brought me back.’ Today, Mr. Welch is back on the golf course and, at 76, makes fitness training part of his routine.

- Jack Welch, as seen in The New York Times Front Page News, Sunday Business Section



"In the racing world a crew chief is like the head coach and knows anything and everything about the race car. John Sitaras is like the crew chief of the body: The guy is brilliant!"

- JIMMIE JOHNSON, seven-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion.




Mr. Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist, was never one to have time for — or interest in — gyms. But he was so impressed with the results that his son Alex, 26, got from Mr. Sitaras that he joined two years ago and now works out regularly. ‘My son benefited greatly — he lost a lot of weight,’ Mr. Soros says. The senior Mr. Soros, now 81, goes to the gym twice a week. ‘It makes me feel better, more alert,’ he says. Mr. Soros, in turn, referred Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman, to the club.

- George Soros, as seen in The New York Times Front Page News, Sunday Business Section



Having weight trained and exercised seriously for about 55 years, with many professional trainers and work out partners, I have an extensive comparative background. With that perspective I can say with full confidence that John is among the best of the best. He not only is serious about his own conditioning but equally or more so about that of his clients. He has all the experience of a top body builder and fitness expert as well as a deep understanding of the human body and how it best responds to conditioning. He inspires you to be committed, rigorous and challenged. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate my sessions with him. He is a friend, a great guy and a true professional.

- James D. Robinson III, Co-founder and General Partner of RRE Ventures and Chairman of RRE Investors, LLC.



For us 75 + aged seniors, Sitaras is a physical fitness nirvana… Where else can you find Personal Trainers with deep rooted professional competence and a deep caring mentality who lead us older folks at every session to the “promise land” of improving balance and flexibility and stronger bodies… Thank you, John Sitaras.


Chairman, Offit Capital



Peter Grauer

Having trained with John Sitaras and his team for almost two years, I continue to be impressed with the scientific rigor applied to each client. The detailed understanding and attention to a full and complete physical fitness program is unique and brings clients back time and time again. We are all far better off as a result. Thank you for improving the health of young and old alike.

- Peter T. Grauer, Chairman, Bloomberg, Inc.



John Sitaras is a fitness and weight training guru (some may even say a bit of a geek!). He takes tremendous care in assessing clients and listening to their physical goals. From there, he is methodical about creating the right system and finding the right member of his team to work with you. But, John doesn't stop there. He is as passionate about creating the right workout environment, as he is the workout. He has surrounded himself with a terrific team and makes all the clients feel like they are part of a fraternity (and maybe even his family!). All of this is done in a beautiful physical facility, which is kept immaculate. It is not even uncommon to see John cleaning the locker facility himself when he has a free moment.I am thankful that Sitaras exists. It makes living in NYC an easier, less stressful experience.

- Michael Karsch, Founder, Karsch Capital Management, LP



"My appreciation of John Sitaras comes from hours and hours and hours of one on one training with him. I speak only of my direct experience with him and its benefit to me. He has changed my physical health and my appreciation of fitness and how to achieve it. John has put together the leadership, team, equipment, commitment and knowledge that makes him and his program for me the best. He describes the human body and how to develop it to its maximum. Beyond the professional knowledge of my physical development is his ability to tailor it to my personal qualities and schedule so that the pace is appropriate. If I want to go too fast, he has the experience to explain the risks. If I needed to know why one exercise was necessary and productive, he has the patience and understanding to explain. If I was rationalizing how many other important things I had to do, he had the insight to remind me of the importance of my physical well being to every thing else I do. And finally for me there is this: his passion and care for what he does and how he does it."

- CHARLIE ROSE, American Television Talk Show Host and Journalist


Dana Jacobson

When retiring from New York City Ballet, I thought my body had reached its maximum potential. Sitaras Fitness has challenged my notions of my own limitations by helping me to grow stronger than I imagined possible. Not only do I feel that I am in better shape than ever, but I also feel empowered and confident as I begin a new chapter of life.

- DANA JACOBSON, Retired Ballerina of the NYC Ballet

Dana Jacobson SAB.jpg

Karen M. Dorea

Once in a while you meet someone with both extreme dedication and a profound knowledge about what they do. Upon meeting John Sitaras, that was my immediate impression. Two years later, I have been transformed physically as well as emotionally by John's exceptionally creative approach to fitness. In simple terms, the Sitaras Method is result driven, every step of the way. Each individual's plan is architected by John at the onset and continues to dynamically evolve and adjust to the results produced. There is a certain "clarity" to the Sitaras Method which transcends right down to the pure and clean design of the facility. No tricks, no gimmicks.....John Sitaras is a master motivator and a unique inspiration. Being a part of Sitaras Fitness is a challenge filled with endurance, pleasure and in the final analysis a grand privilege.

Keith Rubenstein, 

Principal, Somerset Partners LLC

Training at Sitaras Fitness has been a rewarding experience in all respects. The facility is thoughtfully designed and impeccably maintained and the equipment is truly, state of the art. But most importantly, John's knowledge of physiology and fitness, his custom designed programs and his staff's professionalism combine to make training at Sitaras an important part of my day that I actually look forward to.Enjoying the innovative workouts has allowed me to push even beyond the initial goals I set out to achieve.

Leonard Harlan, 

Chairman, Castle Harlan

The Sitaras fitness center is like none other in the world. None other has John Sitaras and his devotion to his profession, his craft, and his clients. He has created an atmosphere where no physical problem can not be solved and that solving the problems and developing personal fitness starts and ends with one's self-confidence. He constantly monitors the progress of his clients and has developed a group of trainers who are truly his disciples. The result is a collegial atmosphere for all of us who are focused on maintaining good health and conditioning without the rubbish of a social club. Professionalism stands out. We come to the center and get our work done and leave feeling so good for spending the hour. For me it is a very special place.