Sitaras Method Step One - Goals

  • Starts with defining clear objectives in a one-on-one consultation

  • Review of medical and fitness history

  • Assess fitness benchmarks, past and present

  • Discuss athletic history

Sitaras Method Step Two - Assessment

During each 3-6 one hour assessment, two trainers will be assigned to determine your body's current ability, with one measuring your output and another recording the data, in order to maintain the critical window of time needed to obtain accurate information. Using the Sitaras Method, this evaluation system thoroughly measures your: 

  • Muscle Endurance (Type 1 fiber, slow twitch)

  • Muscle Strength (Type 2 fiber, fast switch)

  • Muscle Flexibility

  • Cardio Respiratory Capabilities

  • Muscle Memory

  • Body Fat Composition

Sitaras Method Step Three - Program

With the proprietary Digital Tracking Room software, a full fitness regimen is formulated using your assessment data and the knowledge and experience John Sitaras has accumulated from personally conducting more than 19,500 assessments over the course of 20 years.

  • With a combination of free weight, body weight, and machine driven exercises, your routines are specifically designed for you, and only you.

  • All workout sessions begin and end with stretches designed to optimize performance and minimize risks.

Sitaras Method Step Four - Re-Assessment

  • After a period of training with us, we revisit your original data and perform an analysis of your new numbers with two additional one hour tests.

  • Your routines are adjusted to prevent plateauing and to bridge any gaps that are performing below average.

Sitaras Method Step Five - New Goals

  • After discussing data points generated from your reassessment, we decide if you are ready for new goals to bring you to the next level, or to stay the course on your original plan of action.

  • Slight modifications can be made to fine tune your routines if you are looking to maintain a certain degree of fitness. Or a complete overhaul can be designed to break through any plateau.